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    ok do you see this Legendary Epic woman right here? this is wendy fucking carlos and i’m going to describe to you why wendy carlos is 30 thousand times better than you

    1. she is a 74 year old trans fucking woman. she remembers having dysphoria at age five and started hrt in 1968. you think transitioning is difficult now? try doing it in 1968. the thought scares the shit out of me.
    2. her first album, switched on bach, is a literal hour of her playing bach’s music on synthesizers. that’s classical edm. edm wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t brought synthesizers to prominence. the catch? synthesizers in 1968 were monophonic. that means you can only play one note at a time. wendy carlos sat there and played each instrument’s piece of bachs music at least 6 times per symphony, painstakingly overdubbing and rerecording each line, one at a time.
    3. oh yeah, switched on bach was the first classical album to sell more than 500k copies and she won 3 grammies and stayed on the billboard #1 pop charts for 17 weeks.
    4. you know tron? that really awesome movie whose sequel daft punk made the ost for? wendy is the original daft punk. tron’s soundtrack was all her; not only that, but so was a clockwork orange and the shining. 
    5. in 1998 this piece of shit momus (aka nick currie on wired) made a song mocking wendy’s sexual orientation. $50k of currie’ money later, she forced him to remove that song from his entire collection, have the master destroyed, and his music career fucking died after that.

    figured i’d post this since daft punk keep getting a lot of love. i love daft punk, but they owe their lives to this fucking badass.

    HOLY. CRAP. I did not know this.

    work work work work work!

    Wendy Carlos also scored Kubrick’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘The Shining.’ She’s a big deal, people.

    Holy - What, Awesome.

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  3. "Proof of my oath, stay with me. For trials await."
    Jian Wan Long || INFJ || 8w9 || so/sp
    Listening to : Bayang-bayang Ilusi - Anggun
    Time : 10 hours
    Wants to draw : Misleading picture, Chinese Ceramics style.
    A picture for another PC of mine in the roleplaying campaign with my gaming group.

    ….Another Half-elf Cleric/Invoker, but developed differently and ended up being a different type of char altogether. A maiden that walked with perseverance and proofs of her faith.

    Also, this is one hell of a misleading picture, I feel. XD she looks so…fragile and gentle (there’s a not-so-hidden part who throws Guan Daos)

    Pic-wise, I tried making it a bit of a…Chinese ceramic-ish, but the flowers, they are hard, so very hard.

    I’ll keep trying!


  4. Texture from :


    Listening to : Euh…..
    Wants to draw : Random stuffs. Japonism. Fan. Kukri. Victorian-ish portrait.
    Time : Pre-game until Level 11 almost 12. >_>
    Dark Arts used : High Pass, Texture
    This was supposed to be a quick sketch.
    Then I took a peek on Victorian era portraits and the idea just…grew.
    I’m having fun but I’m getting distracted, A LOT.

    Margritte, again. This time posing with some of her goods that’s there in her home.
    The curtain and the fan is…something….random, though. BUT I’m sure she has it as well.
    But at present, almost all of it are left home except the hand mirror, which has now become a standard hand mirror.


  5. "Let’s return home, to continue our journey. : )"
    Aoire || ENFJ || 9w1 || sx/so
    Listening to: Sara Bareilles - Satellite Call and Alanis Morissette - Magical Child
    Time : 9 distracted hours.
    Wants to draw : The character.
    It’s been a while since I posted a drawing. This is a character portrait for an ongoing RP of mine. A shota— innocent optimistic warder/shepherd/ingenue (4e terms; Cleric/Invoker Hybrid). Oversized sweater, flower necklace, wide innocent smile. 

    A shepherd, basically. But of WHAT, that’s another matter.

    I enjoyed drawing such a colorful pic— even though..uuuh..I’m still a bit too struggling with the tone and the values.

    Anyway, enjoy!


  6. 花言葉, 憂鬱な朝, 戻らない男達
    Texture from

    I piled expectations, I expected perfection,
    I waited for promises to be fulfilled and seek to demand it myself when it doesn’t.

    And so I waited in the dim morning light for something that will never come,
    And so you waited under the faint morning breeze for something that will never be enough,
    oh, he comes; Those many he. One by one by one by one, coming and leaving and staying and departing.
    but never bringing the thing we sought, we seek, we will seek.
    Only fragments;

    And it was not even their fault.
    Listening to:
    Overall Picture : Ayumi Hamasaki - Moments
    Pattern :
    Florence and the Machine - No Light, No Light;
    Diana Vickers - Notice;
    Mika - I See You;
    George Michael - I Can’t Make You Love Me
    Natasha Bedingfield - I Bruise Easily
    Rihanna - California King Bed
    Sara Bareilles - Islands

    Time: 30 hours?
    Wants to draw: Kimono, then emotionally honest picture.
    The title mean.. “The language of flowers, a depressing morning, and the men who never returned.”

    So long.

    An emotionally honest picture. Started as “aaah I want to draw pretty kimono” and ended up….being honest.
    “I’m afraid”, spoken beautifully in the language of fuck yous, filled with symbolism and meanings.

    My gift for myself is (temporary) emotional honesty.

    I thought this was a gift;
    Past to present.
    But apparently this is a boon.
    Future to present.

    thanks to Obliro for the Tarot talk. It helps :D


  7. Listening to : Anggun - Devil in My Mind
    Time : 16 hours
    Wants to draw : pretty, pretty dress. Also Marg.


    Dress basically inspired / copying Andrew Gn’s Resort 2014 collection, wore by Julianna Margulies in the 2014 Golden Globes

    First picture of 2014 !

    A character of mine. Actually it’s both a result of reading the dresses of Golden Globes and roleplaying and they both ended up…. as this.

    Unlikely? Not really. the makeup and dress is basically 2014, but I think it’s something she’d do all right, given a proper occurrence.

    I ended up talking over her features and appearances and dressing styles with Obliro, for that I should thank you *curts*

    Also for the makeup and anatomical help


  8. It was raining. Occasionally there are other sounds — thunders, birds. None of them are visible.
    The path is a long, straight one; carefully lain gray bricks.
    White cylinders stood like skyscrapers far, far away in the grey distance; spotless and shining against the dull gray sky.
    No matter which direction they are turning, the same cylinders stood silent in the background; as if waiting, or silently mocking at the grey world around them.

    Meanwhile, black boxes with green lines, varied in sizes, floated around. As big as a head; a carriage; a house; all without openings.

    Lack of winds didn’t make the air any less cold, and the drizzling droplets dropped delicately; silently, soundlessly so.


    Texture Credits :

    Listening to: Rainymood ( and Maaya Sakamoto - Another Grey Day in the Big Blue World
    Time: 6 hours (that was spread around 15 hours or so)
    Wants to draw: Concept art.

    …So I have this D&D campaign I’m running with few other people. And part of that is making worlds? Which is fun.

    Only not so much when your brain ask for one thing and then when you Googled for concept arts, NOTHING FITS.

    Instead of wasting hours brainstorming / practicing Google-fu… or altering visions..Here goes. Not much, but damned if I’m not happy.

    My first time drawing environmental concept art! eeeeeee


  9. thebigblackwolfe:




    The Faerie Queene - 2013 - Photoshop

    …Unlike some fairy folk, she is not young and lithe, a wisp of a spirit passing through the ether… but, on the contrary, she is shrewd, powerful, and kind, possessing a grace and elegance that never fades… and she has far more interesting stories to tell, if you care to listen.

    I’ve been working on this painting for the past couple of weeks. I thought it might be time to share it with the world. I hope you like! 

    This is brilliant!

    !!! Coolest art I’ve seen today.

    *silently shrieking at all this perfection*

    <3 <3

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  10. selfcareafterrape:


    You are allowed to decide how you spend your time and energy.

    You are allowed to say no to people.

    You are allowed to have time where you take care of yourself instead of others.

    You are allowed to walk away.

    You are allowed to expect that others treat you with respect.

    Creating healthy boundaries can be hard at first, especially because some people will push against them just to see if you’re really going to stand your ground. But standing your ground in those situations is the best thing you can do- because if you give up ground, those people will then see it as an excuse to continue pushing your boundaries to get what they want.

    You are allowed to take care of your needs over other people’s wants.

    again, reminder, reminder, reminder; for myself and for those who may need it.

    Heaven knows how many relationships I had that sunk because of lack of this— whether from my side or their side.

    Heaven knows how many of these are building, piling— and soon enough, misunderstood feelings and paranoia are building, building, and then BOOM.

    Heaven knows how many of these are goodwill.

    Heaven knows how many of these are actually malicious intent or people wanting to use me, or I wanting to use them.

    Heaven knows, because I don’t. I don’t.

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  11. How a relapse feels




    mod note: while relapsing may feel like losing all of your progress and starting completely over, remember that you have learned things and that your progress is not invalidated or undone just because of a slip or relapse. You have more skills and more experiences that you didn’t have before that can help you pick back up with recovery more quickly and easily than before. Relapses happen! It’s coming back from them that counts <3

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  12. I wrote a poem about it, and then threw it away, because that’s the last thing I need right now: More words dedicated to people who will never dedicate a single thing to me.